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Amiga.... The Best Computer Ever...

We are 5 guys, who earlier worked for Safe Hex International to prevent the spreading of virus.
But as our policy couldn't fit SHI's, we decided to step out from the 31 december 1994 to start on our own.
Our objectives are:

1) To fight and prevent the spreading of computervirus.
2) To aid users with virus relate problems.
3) To support all wellknown antivirus programmer with virus.
4) To be a NON-PROFIT group.

We will corporate with ALL, who support our sake.
We simply don't care if they are Germans, Americans or wherefrom,
as long as we can aid the computer users all over the world in the best possible way...

We do all this anti-virus work in our free time, we all have full time work next to our antivirus hobby.

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